A Shared Perspective

Michael Hill & Shirley Kirkcaldy

March 8th- June 5th 2021 

A ‘Shared Perspective’ brings together two prominent southwest artists in an exciting collaboration that promises a fascinating insight into the works of Michael Hill and Shirley Kirkcaldy. With their individual styles bridging the gap between abstraction and realism, they both remain authentic to their subject matter, focusing on the mood it evokes and their unique perspective.

From seascapes to landscapes, from harbours to farmyards painted in oil and mixed media, the exhibit encompasses the true essence and energy of the southwest environment; its changing light, alternative weather conditions and different yet common viewpoints.

An Evening Stroll

 By Michael Hill

“I love the gentle and transcient light which the English climate gives us; coastal scenes and landscapes offer a great subject matter, with areas of richness, and ever-changing reflections. In my work it is important that I create a sense of place, be it imagined or otherwise. I like structure, but hopefully as the painting progresses, forms will begin to melt away into shapes and colour used for their own sake. My aim is to convey a sense of atmosphere, perhaps leaving passages of the painting understated.”

Sky and Surf

 By Shirley Kirkcaldy

“ I am drawn to places for their atmosphere and light, the unique landscapes of the southwest have stories to tell and offer an inexhaustible supply of inspiration, which is why I return to paint them time and again”.

“Places on the edge where natural elements come together – from storm-laden skies to sun bleached sands, calm turquoise waters to Atlantic swells. The coastlines of Devon and Cornwall offer a melting pot of inspiration.”

Shared Perspective and Spring Exhibition on now!