Michael Hill

Michael Hill is a Plymouth artist. He studied Graphic Art and Design at Plymouth College of Art and worked as a freelance illustrator before becoming a full time painter.  He is President of Plymouth Watercolour Society and a member of Plymouth Society of Artists.  He is also a part-time tutor of watercolour painting and holds numerous workshops for painting in acrylics.  He is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Institute and the Royal Academy summer exhibitions, and is shown in numerous galleries throughout the UK.

“I love the gentle and transcient light which the English climate gives us; coastal scenes and landscapes offer a great subject matter, with areas of richness, and ever-changing reflections.  In my work it is important that I create a sense of place, be it imagined or otherwise.  I like structure, but hopefully as the painting progresses, forms will begin to melt away into shapes and colour used for their own sake.  My aim is to convey a sense of atmosphere, perhaps leaving passages of the painting understated.” Michael Hill

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