Ted Dyer

Ted Dyer is one of Cornwall’s most widely collected impressionist style artists with a painting career spanning over 50 years.The paintings are of places he knows well, portrayed with soft colour, light and shade. The feeling is of warmth and friendliness, a relaxed atmosphere, a day at the beach or in the countryside, a quiet corner of a room or boats resting in a harbour. Ted Dyer feels that close colour harmonies and the particular effect of light are all important to his work. He often uses the subtle hues created by the early morning or evening sun to fill his canvas with that indefinably delicate touch. He takes great care with the composition of his paintings, using the human figure as an integral part of the total scene. The complex compositions at first appear simple with each element falling so naturally into place. The grouping of the figures help to create a uniquely narrative style and the apparently accidental colour placements are carefully juxtaposed to create a feeling of life and unity within the canvas. His paintings will inevitably evolve and change, however his unique character as expressed through the paintings will remain.

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