Limited Editions

Limited Editions of original artists’ work are a great way to own a piece of work without paying a fortune. Edition sizes vary per artist.
When buying a limited edition it’s worth considering the following:
The smaller the edition eg editions of 50 and under are more expensive because they are collectable. Only this number will ever be printed and sold in one size. These always come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed and numbered by the artist. Their printing is archival quality and will not fade they are generally a giclee print and printed on quality paper.

The larger the editions 50-1000 are printed on a variety of papers and not always a giclee print so check whether it is giclee or not. The larger the edition, the less it usually costs because there are more available so an artist can sell more but at a lower price and the work is not as collectable.

In some cases some are artists prefer to sell ‘unlimited’ meaning an artist can sell as many as they want in any size. These are often not giclee prints and are on inferior paper, so it is wise to check. These are the lowest priced reproductions of artwork.

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