Investment Art

All art is an investment if you get pleasure from it and can hand it down through the family, however some artists and some artwork are more likely to  go up in value in the future and that’s why we have picked these for you.
Our criteria for investment art is:

  • Either the artist has a ‘pedigree ‘ i.e. they attended a reputable art  college and are members of industry recognised societies such as the Royal Institute where they are elected by their peers,
  • or that they have exhibited their work at prestigious and well known establishments such as the Royal Academy, the Mall Galleries, the Florence Biennale etc.
  • Also the work could be from a certain era, such as the 1940s,50s, 60s.
  • The work is of exceptional quality.
  • The work is collectable because of its rarity
  • The work commemorates a time, place or person.

You can click on a product and find out more about that artist by looking at their biography on our artists’ pages.

NB: Artwork can be a good investment but like all investments they can go up and down. 

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