Sue Lewis

Sue’s work can be described as ‘painting with wool.’ The array of wools she use are her ‘palette’ and she use many of the principles of painting when creating her textile pieces.

From stonewalls with huddled sheep, to autumnal skies, poppies, foxgloves, moths and cows, her work is a feast of texture and colour. She hand-dyes her own wool and even has her own flock of sheep. She says that there’s a certain satisfaction to collecting fleece straight from the sheep, washing it, hand dying it and transforming it into beautiful artwork. She uses local and rare breeds of sheep’s wool. For every painting she lists which wool she uses. She also hand stitches and freestyle stitches her pieces to add more depth, detail and texture. Her artwork is an extension of her love for the countryside and natural history coupled with a love of working with natural materials.

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