Kim Pragnell

Kim lives in Dorset with a studio in both Hampshire and Dorset. He is self-taught, but comes from a family of artists and is rumoured to be related to Pierre Bonnard: a French painter, and a founding member of the Post-Impressionist group of avant-garde painters ‘Les Nabis,’ although this rumour has never been confirmed.  Kim has had several careers before becoming a full-time, professional painter, including the Royal Navy, a professional stage designer and a teacher. Throughout all of these professions, he has painted. His time as a theatre designer/ scene painter was a huge influence with regard to colour and light.

Artistic influences include: Montague Dawson, the Yorkshire artist Stanhope Forbes and also the St Ives School. The Victorian artists, Ruskin and Holman Hunt, were also influential.

Kim’s mark making is full of energy and movement, colour and drama. You can almost see, hear and smell the ocean when you see his paintings. He finds inspiration in the Southwest, the north coast of Cornwall, Devon and Scotland. His unique style, close to the romantic traditions of British maritime art, has ensured a great following of collectors.

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