Rosamund Jane

Rosamund Jane is an artist based in Cornwall.  Her current practice focuses principally on two things, firstly the energy that surrounds the dog in movement, playing, racing, relaxing or giving that look that speak volumes. Secondly, her desire to portray the relationship between a person and their dog, that the viewer will recognize, relate to and relax with.

While attaining an Honours degree in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at Plymouth Art College she had the opportunity to pursue her fascination of the human-dog dyad, and how she might portray the essence of this relationship between herself and the subject, in a two-dimensional way.

Jane is currently painting mainly in oils on wood panel or stretched canvas and also enjoys the spontaneity of watercolour to catch a moment, a fleeting expression.

Jane’s inspiration comes from the people and the dogs that she meets every day, their expression, their energy and the relationships all working together to describe new ideas and images.