Jane Pine

For Jane, painting provides a meditation on the subjects that are important to her. Whilst literature helps to spark ideas, it is often her own personal experience, the people, places and objects that surround her that provide inspiration. Although Jane paints a variety of subjects, her landscapes seek to capture the essence of Dartmoor and the surrounding area. They are created using real life experience of the landscape, together with an instinctive sense of its wild open spaces. Her work conveys a visual language through subtle multi-layered surfaces, exploring the vibrant and subtle qualities of oils. She uses a variety of painting methods, but commonly applies the paint in thin glazes using brushes, rags, silicone tools and her fingers, scraping or wiping back the layers to reveal a glimpse of what lies beneath. Working on wood panel and occasionally linen canvas, Jane uses a strong a tonal palette, with variations of light to set the mood of the painting. Although her work is mostly representational, her landscape paintings often develop instinctively to reveal an element of abstraction.. In 2017 Jane won the ‘Emerging Artist Award’ from Devon Artist Network for excellence in painting.

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