Winter 2020 'Extraordinary Exhibition

It’s been an extraordinary year and so we are having a small extraordinary exhibition this winter!

It has been a difficult year for all of us, including many of the artists. Some have struggled with their creativity and most fairs and exhibitions have been cancelled and this has a financial impact on the artists. We have decided to persevere with our exhibitions, not just for the sake of a small business such as ours, but for the artists too. We hope that the exhibition brings you pleasure in these dark times and perhaps ideas for those Christmas gifts too! The exhibition continues until Christmas Eve and so please do come and see it in person after this current lockdown.

The majority of the works featured in this unique exhibition have been produced by our artists during lockdown this year and have not been exhibited previously. I would like to thank those artists who have submitted their work for this exhibition: Gary Wilcockson, Rosemary Bonney, Shirley Kirkcaldy, Rebecca De Mendoca, Shari Hills, Kari McGowan, Kim Pragnell, Marielle Ebner Rijke, Faith Chevannes and Sue Lewis.


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