Alan Dax

Alan’s work conveys the timeless spirit of Dartmoor with its ever changing moods and atmospheric scenery. He knows the moors extremely well as his family have lived here for generations. These roots give him an affinity with Dartmoor, with its beauty and ancient past. His work demonstrates his knowledge and love of the moors with a softness and gentleness. He is inspired by windswept hawthorn, misty valleys and rugged granite tors.  He lives on the moors and so can experience the moors in all weathers. He prefers to use a small selection of oil colours, attempting to create an image which represents his chosen location. His paintings evolve with every new piece of work; he may adopt a looser technique or attempt to create a sense of drama with moodier tones. Usually he makes preparatory sketches or quick watercolour paintings on location and returns to his studio to complete them.

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